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SOLAR FIRE is a program designed for astrologers that provides a variety of high-precision astrological calculations. It includes features such as natal, progression, directed, any planet or asteroid return, pre-natal, rising/setting, lunar phase, locality, heliocentric, composite, harmonic and harmonic arc transform charts.

What's new in version 9.0

Major Changes:
- The Appointments Manager has been redesigned to improve ease of use, with
separate feature windows for Appointments, the Client List, Client Details,
the Session Recorder, the Session Timer, Receipt Settings, and Client Import.
- Clients can now be imported from the existing Charts files, and can be
imported or exported to CSV.
- Added support for display of the Nakshatra in Solar Fire wheels, using
an "Et Nakshatra" font developed by Hank Friedman.
Smaller Changes:
- The Calendar and the Ephemeris are now both freely resizable.
- Added Chris Brennan's new design (the Greek Phi character) as an option for
the Part of Spirit glyph
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed, Dynamic Report sometimes generating aspects to many points at once.
- Fixed, "Parallels aren't parallel" in report results.
- Fixed a crash in Dynamic Reports when running a report with extra radix
- Fixed, crash when launching Animated Chart directly from Electional Search.
- Fixed, Sun reported as "Out of Bounds" on some Solstices.
- Fixed, "Beginning" items in dynamic report have simple degrees, rather
than signs and degrees.
- Fixed, changing the Dial Orb doesn't work the first time.
- Fixed, generating a second Time Map doesn't work if the first wasn't closed.
- Fixed, Zodiacal Releasing UI not going away when switching to Reports
- Fixed, Retrograde color not shown in color customization dialog
- Fixed, changing Display options doesn't update all the windows that need it
- Fixed, crash in Queue for Printing in Dynamic Reports
- Fixed, some users reporting error because of missing "Solfire9.mnu" file.
- Fixed, Dynamic Report interferes with existing Ephemeris results (&vice versa)
- Fixed, "Save Settings on Exit" should default to False in new installations.
- Fixed, multiple selection now possible for Composite Charts without using
control key. (Issue for Windows tablets.)
- Fixed, crash in TimeMaps when using stationary points.
- Fixed, wrong timezone for Robin Williams natal chart.
Time Zone and Chart Animation bug fixes:
- Fixed, switching time zones in Clock leads to extra time shift when switching to Animated Chart
- Fixed, stepping an animated chart by a month can lead to dates like April 31
- Fixed, current clock time used for transits even when default place has different time zone.
- Fixed, current planetary positions on home screen are wrong when system
time zone doesn't match default place.
- Fixed, wrong time in "Now" chart when default place has different time zone.
- Fixed, stepping by an hour around Daylight Savings transitions doesn't get
the missing or extra hour.
- Fixed, daylight savings gets stuck in the default place.
Pages and Wheels bug fixes:
- Fixed, Page Browser blank after being dragged off screen and back on.
- Fixed, new page with Temperaments object crashes Solar Fire
- Fixed, can't save new page from Page Designer
- Fixed, screen not updating after creating new page size.
- Fixed, default Wheel Designer size too small.
- Fixed, Help not working in Wheel Designer.
- Fixed, newly created wheels from Wheel Designer crashing Solar Fire.
- Fixed, Wheel Designer not using user's custom color settings.
- Fixed, Wheel Designer crash on exit when used from Solar Fire
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