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This review applies to version 7.3. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

Capabilities include natal, progressed, directed, solar return, lunar return, composite and harmonic charts, with flexible selection of aspect sets, chart point sets, and database files for chart and place detail storage. It also includes flexible transits and progressions reporting over any specified time period, plus novel options for sorting output for maximised readability.

Chart viewing includes an aspectarian inside the chart wheel (or as a separate tabulation, if preferred), plus biwheels, triwheels or even quadriwheels for displaying combinations of two or more charts, and synastry grids. Chart points may be viewed in color, as may the zodiac sign glyphs, if desired. There is also a reverse video option to view charts on a black background instead of white.

Main features:
- Up to 15 charts may be held in "video memory" for instantaneous viewing.
- Displays high clarity, high resolution charts on the screen—the maximum resolution of any screen device is used. Colors of chart points and aspects are user selectable.
- Includes all commonly used chart type calculation methods.
- Has capability of producing composite charts for an entire family or group of up to 15 people.
- 25 different house systems are included.
- Any number of named aspect sets may be created with user-specifiable orbs, and the selection of any one of these to use in chart generation by simple mouse operation.
- Chart printing is possible to the maximum resolution of any printer, including high-resolution laser printers and bubble-jet printers.
- Contains a user updatable database with more than 2300 location names, positions and time zones accessible by simple mouse operation.
- Database of standard time zone names and time offsets, accessible by simple mouse operation.
- Allows creation of any number of chart database files, from which records can be retrieved, copied or deleted.
- Colour printers are supported—aspect lines, planets and signs may be printed in color.
- Charts may be copied to the Windows clipboard for use in word processing or painting packages.

- Windows 95 or later. Windows XP or Windows Vista (32-bit) recommended.
- NOTE: This program is not compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows XP or Windows Vista.
- PC or compatible computer with Pentium processor (or equivalent)
- CD or DVD drive
- RAM depends on which version of Windows you have: - Windows 98, 98SE - 32 MB of RAM minimum - 64 MB of RAM or more recommended; - Windows ME, NT4 - 40 MB of RAM minimum - 80 MB of RAM or more recommended; - Windows 2000 - 72 MB of RAM minimum - 144 MB of RAM or more recommended; - Windows XP - 128 MB of RAM minimum - 256 MB of RAM or more recommended; - Windows Vista - 512 MB RAM minimum - 1 GB of RAM or more recommended.
- About 3MB of free disk space
- VGA Screen with 640x480 pixels minimum, SVGA with 800x600 pixels or better is recommended
- Internet access is recommended

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